Bulgaria – the three leaders in the growth of housing prices in the EU
     In the third quarter of 2016, the cost of housing in Bulgaria increased by 8.8% compared to the same period last year. Thus, Bulgaria has entered into a three of leaders on rates of growth in home prices, along with Hungary (+11.6%) and Latvia (+10.8%).
     The EU Statistical Service, show that over the past year in Bulgaria housing prices are rising constantly. In the second quarter of last year, the increase amounted to 6.5% yoy. In the III quarter compared to II housing prices in the country increased by 1.6% and in II quarter in comparison with I – 2.8%.
     On average in all member countries of the EU in the third quarter of last year, housing prices increased by 4.3% yoy and in the Euro area and 3.4%.
     Only two countries-EU members has declined in Cyprus (-3.3%) and in Italy (-0.9%). However, Eurostat has no data on movement of prices on property in Greece.
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     Since 2008 the chateau in France felt by 20-30%
     Real estate in France has still not recovered from the global economic crisis of 2008. But the price of the chateau in the Loire Valley and adjacent to the region Mayenne department, though down significantly from the time of the crisis, are already beginning to show signs of stability.
     Due to the fact that such housing prices have become more realistic sellers stopped making them a significant discount. Buyers began to return to the region due to better prices and confidence in the local real estate as an investment tool.
     Chateau with land in good condition can now be bought at the price of 800 kEUR to 1.5 mEUR. Depending on the size, quality and condition of the object the price can be even higher.
     Spain: in 2015, the demand of foreigners for housing increased by 13%
     According to the Spanish Ministry of Public Works, in 2015, foreign buyers bought in the country, 69 of 196 residential units, which was 13% more than in 2014. Thus, almost every fifth house (18%) in Spain last year was purchased by a foreigner. It is reported portal about Spanish property Kyero.
     A non-resident foreigners have acquired in Spain in 2015 4846 residential properties, which is 10.1% more than the year before. 64 350 objects had on foreign buyers resident, which is 13.3% more than in 2014.
     Valencia was the region in which the foreigners had committed the highest number of transactions of purchase and sale of real estate (20 of 219, of which 1665 fell on non-residents). Andalusia has become the second Spanish region most popular among foreigners. The new owners found here 14 384 houses (1854 was purchased by non-residents). Followed by Catalonia (10 186 and 264).
     Spanish daily newspaper El Economista reported that in the Canary Islands in 2015, foreigners purchased 7295 residential facilities (386 had non-residents) and in the Balearic Islands – 5061 object (218).
     In Madrid, foreign nationals bought 4951 residential properties, of which non-residents accounted for 79.
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     The most expensive cities in the world for the residence of foreigners in 2015
     The most expensive city in the world for the residence of foreigners in 2015:
     1. Luanda, Angola
     2. Hong Kong, Hong Kong
     3. Zurich, Switzerland
     4. Singapore, Singapore
     5. Geneva, Switzerland
     6. Shanghai, China
     7. Beijing, China
     8. Seoul, South Korea
     9. Bern, Switzerland
     10. N'Djamena, Chad
     Eurostat: New data on the cost of housing in Europe
     The European statistical office "Eurostat" published new data on the dynamics of real estate prices in Europe. The largest price increase was observed in Ireland, Estonia, Latvia and the UK, the most rapid decline - in Slovenia and Italy.
     In the third quarter of 2014, housing prices in the EU rose by 1.1% compared with the previous three months - and rose by 2.3% compared to the same period last year.
     Among the EU member states the highest annual increase in home prices in the third quarter of 2014 relative to the same period in 2013 was observed in Ireland (+ 15%), Estonia (+ 13.2%), Latvia and the United Kingdom (in each + 11.7%), Sweden (+ 10.3%) and Lithuania (+ 10.1%). The most significant drop was observed in Slovenia (-5.4%), Italy (-3.8%) and Romania (-2.3%).
     Housing cost index is an indicator showing the change in the price of all residential real estate acquired in a certain period of the country's population (apartments, detached houses, studios, etc.) Both primary and secondary market, regardless of their final use. These "Eurostat" provided by the National Institute of Statistics of the countries participating in the study. The total European housing cost index is calculated based on the weighted average of national indices - and adapts seasonally.
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     Best Cities for Life
     Two Swiss cities took the first and second places in the ranking. It is headed by Geneva, then Zurich. Singapore is in third place.
     These conclusions are made in the study of the National University of Singapore, the University of California and the University of Derby in Australia. The report took into account the following factors: economic prosperity and competitiveness, security and stability, socio-cultural environment, ecology and sustainability.
     Top 10 best cities to live:
     1. Geneva
     2. Zurich
     3. Singapore
     4. Copenhagen
     5. Helsinki
     6. Luxembourg
     7. Stockholm
     8. Berlin
     9. Hong Kong
     10. Oakland
     Moscow is in 62nd place.
     The last place in the ranking at number 64 was givven to Jakarta.
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     Countries, where the easiest way to become a millionaire
     The first place was taken by the United States. Here, in order to become a millionaire, you will need at least 20 years. Norway is in the second place, and Switzerland is "bronze medalist".
     Experts estimate for how many years you can become a millionaire, getting paid a medium-sized salary. The analysis was performed by 20 countries. This study is only about the salary, it does not take into account other possible sources of income - investment in the financial market, rents, etc.
     The leaders in the list are Australia, Denmark, Canada and Japan, where in order to make a million, you need to work from 25 to 35 years. Less fortunate French - in their own country they will have to work 40 years, the Germans - a little longer. But this is still nothing compared to the time it will take to achieve your financial dreams in the countries from the end of the list. His first million inhabitants of Turkey will work for 240 years, Mexico - for 305 years, and Romania - for 349 years.
     Countries where the easiest way to become a millionaire:
     1. United States
     2. Norway
     3. Switzerland
     4. Australia
     5. Denmark
     6. Canada
     7. Japan
     8. France
     9. Germany
     10. United Kingdom
     The most expensive cities in the world for the residence of foreigners in 2014
     The most expensive city in the world for the residence of foreigners in 2014:
     1. Luanda, Angola
     2. N'Djamena, Chad
     3. Hong Kong, Hong Kong
     4. Singapore, Singapore
     5. Zurich, Switzerland
     6. Geneva, Switzerland
     7. Tokyo, Japan
     8. Bern, Switzerland
     9. Moscow, Russian Federation
     10. Shanghai, China
     Real estate in Monaco: "safe haven" for investors
     The cost of housing in Monaco has recently risen to the global maximum.
     Property prices in the center of the world's wealth - Monaco - reach record levels. The average cost of 1 sq.m. here is 91 thousand euro. The thing is that the offer of real estate in the Principality is very limited, and demand is growing.
     Primarily due to the fact that the territory of Monaco is not very large, and is only 6% of the area of Manhattan, and 3% of the area of Hong Kong. At the same time, the principality is in sixth place in the world in the number of real estate owned by the most wealthy citizens.
     Monaco is one of the largest urban agglomerations. This state can also be called a major center of recreation and entertainment. This fact reduces the possibility of risks to a minimum and creates the preconditions for growth in the real estate market. While many real estate markets in the cities of the world value reached "saturation price" and show a fairly slow growth, Monaco has a good chance to continue "growing season".
     Prices of ultra-premium properties in the world:
     Monaco, 90 900 € / sq.m.
     Hong Kong, 85 500 € / sq.m.
     Tokyo, 51 300 € / sq.m.
     London, 51 000 € / sq.m.
     Paris, 41 600 € / sq.m.
     Moscow, 36 200 € / sq.m.
     New York, 36 000 € / sq.m.
     Shanghai, 18,400 € / sq.m.
     Singapore, 14 600 € / sq.m.
     Dubai, 11 600 € / sq.m.
     Experts attribute this to the fact that the resort real estate markets around the world are actively restored after six years of decline and stagnation. Resort property again began to rise in price. Monaco is already catching up with the main leaders of the cities of world importance.
     The cost of housing in Monaco has recently risen to the global maximum. The average cost of premium real estate in the Principality of 91 thousand. Euro per 1 sq m, which exceeds even Hong Kong.
     The yield of the real estate Monaco is quite low - from 1% to 2%. However, most buyers purchase a property here is not to generate income. Most of the shopping is done in order to move to the principality for permanent residence or "base" for doing business.
     The ten most expensive cities in the world in 2014
     According to the rating Worldwide Cost of Living in 2014 by the magazine Economist, Tokyo is no longer the most expensive city in the world.
     The new leader of the ranking - Singapore.
     Sustainable local currency coupled with the high cost of operating a car, utilities and clothing, helped Singapore to take away the palm from Tokyo. Just 10 years ago, Singapore was only on 18th place. "Yesterday" leader dropped down to ninth place.
     The five most expensive cities in the world also include Paris, Oslo, Zurich and Sydney. All except the last one in the new rating climbed to one or several rows up. For example, the French capital was only on eighth place in 2013.
     Economist Intelligence Unit expects the cost of living indexes for 131 cities in the world twice a year, using as a starting point, the cost of living in New York.
     The top ten most expensive cities in the world:
     1. Singapore
     2. Paris
     3. Oslo
     4. Zurich
     5. Sydney
     6. Caracas
     7. Geneva
     8. Melbourne
     9. Tokyo
     10. Copenhagen
     Despite the "high rank" Singapore property prices in January 2014 fell for the first time in two years.
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