The company «EURO LITE» does the following services:
     • Investor search, business planning, preparation of investment memorandums and feasibility studies.
     • Valuation of businesses and properties in Russia and overseas.
     • Business restructuring: optimization of business- processes and risk management.
     • Asset management and operating, including lease of housing and commercial properties.
     The company «EURO LITE» appreciates the owner’s desire to make its business more efficient and therefore more profitable. We are ready and eager to provide our time, talents, knowledge and skills for the complex optimization of your business processes. For western companies we will do our best to help understand the Russian market, protect your business interests when in negotiations with Russian service and goods suppliers, as well as we will represent your interests at Russian official bodies. For Russian companies we render a wide range of organization and consulting services with regards to accessing the European markets.
     • Search of operating businesses and housing/commercial real estate on client’s request (factories, hotels, restaurants, stores, warehouses, mansions, castles, villas, apartments, lands, islands).
     • Sale of operating businesses and housing/commercial real estate, lease of commercial properties.
     • Organization of site visits, and presentation of properties all over the world.
     • Full range of juridical and financial support of transactions of any scale, profile and complexity.
     • Franchising.
     From the very first day of its founding, the company «EURO LITE» has been active on the real estate and business advice markets, offering a real wide and diverse range of services on acquisition and sale of operating businesses, commercial and housing properties throughout the globe. Over this time period, we have managed to accumulate a priceless experience working in this non-trivial and rapidly developing market segment. We are not afraid of taking all the organizational routine work as well, such as: juridical support of transactions, notary consultation and legal advice. If you intend to live and do business in Russia or overseas, run your own stable business or have your own property in a place of your desire - we are the right company to make this your dreams come true sooner than you think!
     • Investments in real estate and operating businesses in and outside of Russia.
     We are official representatives of large investment companies, builders and owners of properties, attorneys and juridical consultants in many countries of the world. We will help effectively invest in development projects, enabling a stable mechanism of your money turnover at a minimum of risks.

Recent offers:
The Landmark Nicosia Residential Tower
The Landmark Nicosia Residential Tower
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Вилла на 1-й линии Женевского озера, с выходом прямо на пляж, в Максийи-сюр-Леман, Приграничная Франция
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Апартаменты с собственным садом в Тонон-ле-Бан, Приграничная Франция
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Дуплекс с собственным садом в Тонон-ле-Бан, Приграничная Франция
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Villa in Divonne-les-Bains
Detailed information

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