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     Finished apartments in the complex Shoreline - Palm Jumeirah
     500K USD
     5K USD / sq.m.
     100 sq.m. 
     United Arab Emirates, Dubai
     Palm Jumeirah
     Palm Jumeirah, spread at 6,5 kilometers into the Gulf, proudly known as the eighth wonder of light.
     Man amazing island includes exclusive villas, luxury apartments, hotels, beach clubs VIP-...
     «Palm Jumeirah» consists of «Crescent» (the Crescent), «crown» (the Crown) and the «barrel» (the Trunk).
     One of the impressive facilities on the trunk of the draft Shoreline.
     It includes 20 buildings. Each building has its own name.
     10 buildings are on the right side of the trunk - with its own private beach, swimming pool, restaurants.
     The other 10 buildings are located on the left side of the trunk.
     Each suite has a separate place in the underground parking.
     Available apartments of varying design and size.
     Prices for apartments start from 500 $ 000 and above, depending on the size and location of the building.
     More information is available upon request.
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