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     Plot without labor contracts in the cottage Forest Island
      90K RUR / h.sq.m.
      15 h.sq.m.
     Russia, Moscow region
     Kashirskoe sh, 71 km, Chirkovo
     The total area of the village is 20.83 ha. In a single concept combined 2 area: 14.47 ha (first stage) and 6.36 ha (second stage). Total in the village provides 119 sites, ranging from 7 to 30 acres, without a contract for construction.
     brief description
     Choose a site in the cottage - note the prestige class cottage complex "Forest Island". This is a great choice for people who appreciate the combination of easy access, the unique nature of suburbs and affordable prices. The name "Forest Island" is not accidental: the village is surrounded by chic coniferous forest (forest runs along the border areas).
     1. Electricity: 15 kW per site. Executed by the owner of land on their own in accordance with the RF Government Decree № 1178 of December 29, 2011 (the cost of land is not included)
     2. Gas - the ability to connect in 2016, subject to the decision on the gasification of the village of non-commercial partnership (at the cost of land is not included).
     3. Water - Centralized well (cost of connection - 90000 rub. From the site).
     4. Sewage - septic tank (in the cost of land is not included).
     1. Internal roads:
     - The width of the streets within the village in red lines (from fence to fence - the territory's public) - 15m.
     - The width of driveways within the village in red lines (from the fence to fence - the territory's public) - 8m, 9m.
     - The width of lanes in the village - 6m on major streets 4m in secondary streets and 2,75m. - Directions.
     - Coating - on sandy gravel cushion.
     2. Coverage of the village.
     3. Three entrance to the village
     4. Playground
     5. Playground
     6. The economic platform under MSW
     7. The fence around the perimeter of the site
     8. PPC
     9. Protection
     10. Guest Parking
     The additional fee for the overall infrastructure of the village is 10,000 rubles. to weave.
     Main advantages:
     1. Equally comfortable and equidistant from Moscow locked Kashirskoe (71km from Moscow) and Simferopol highway (84 km from Moscow)
     2. Permitted use: IHC (for permanent residence)
     Build a house on the land for individual housing construction in the suburbs, you can get an official address and register in it. Local authorities are obliged to provide the ability to connect to communications. In addition, when determining the amount of the tax base for personal income tax, you are eligible for a property tax deduction in the amount of expenses actually incurred for the acquisition of land or an interest therein, and the construction of a dwelling house, but this size is currently not exceed 2 000 000 rubles.
     3. Ability to connect communications and proposed a comprehensive infrastructure
     4. Forest on the border area.
     5. Next to several reservoirs: the river Smorodinka 15m, 120m to the lake, to the pond 250m, up the river Lopasnya 3km.
     6. 5km from the border village of Oka Terrasny Biosphere Reserve
     1. Easy access
     Perennial asphalt road by car to the cottage "forest island" is equally convenient to Simferopol highway (M2 Crimea) or Kashirskoe highway (M4 Don). Land in the cottage "forest island" located 5km from the motorway A108 (Moscow outer ring, second betonka).
     The village is located in the Stupino area (adjacent to the Chekhov district) Moscow Region.
     2. The picturesque territory
     A unique feature of the village, forest runs along the border areas. Going beyond the area you will immediately find yourself in a magnificent forest (mainly coniferous forest), which will give you a wonderful time communing with nature, picking berries and mushrooms in the summer, walking outdoors in spring and autumn. Lovers of fishing and swimming are also given the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities: the Oka River, Lopasnya (up to 3 km of the river) and Smorodinka (15m to the river) are considered to be the cleanest in the Stupino district. At 120m from the village is a lake, two hundred and fifty meters - pond. In hunting farms are located 5km.
     3. Variety of attractions
     Just 5 km from the border village of Oka Terrasny Biosphere Reserve. You can visit the Museum of the reserve, to meet with interesting displays brightly and clearly tells about the animals and plants of the south suburbs; visit bison nursery; become a party to a fabulous presentation in Cabin Goblin. History lovers will be interested to learn that the village is located 5km from the "Far dacha" Stalin - "Semenovskoe." Hut was established on the site of the estate of Count Orlov, "Joy", built in the XVIII century. Apart from Stalin himself in the country in the "Semenovskii" in his time rested all our political elite: Khrushchev, Andropov, Gorbachev, Yeltsin. Near the village is the State Literary-Memorial Museum of Anton Chekhov.
     4. Ecologically clean area
     Stupinsky area environmentally rightfully belongs to the affluent areas of the Moscow region. The system of environmental protection measures, acting in the area aimed at minimizing the impact on the environment. In 2013, to enhance the recreational potential of the area and maintain the natural complexes formed by 13 specially protected areas.
     5. The rich cultural heritage
     For lovers of history and culture will fall like a trip to the nearby village to visit the temples. Not far from the cottage settlement "Forest Island" located: Church of St. Nicholas of Myra (p. Semyonovskoe), Church of the Transfiguration (pos. Mikhnevo), Church of the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God (p. Avdotyino).
     Perennial asphalt road on the car:
     Option 1: 60 km from Moscow on Kashirskoe M4 (Don), exit to the right, 7,5km on A108 (Moscow outer ring, second betonka), turn right, 4 km on a paved road to the cottage settlement "Forest Island".
     Option 2: 62 km from Moscow to Simferopol highway M2 (Crimea), exit to the right, 18km on A108 (Moscow outer ring, second betonka), turn left, 4 km on a paved road to the cottage settlement "Forest Island".
     By public transport:
     Paveletsky station with a train station Mikhnevo (journey time 1 hour 20 minutes). Next to the village by bus №48 CHirkova (journey time 20 minutes). The bus leaves every 2 hours.


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